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about finaldream

We are a software development company based in the Munich area, Germany, working with a distributed team of professional, international developers and designers.

Originally established in 2008, we focus on developing holistic web- and mobile applications for our clients and their ambitious projects. Fully custom made products, hand crafted experiences and creative, cutting edge approaches are our trademark. Stability, robust processes and solid delivery are our craft.

Built with modern technology, backed by scalable cloud-architecture, we support our clients from dream to final and far beyond.

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As developers and designers, we're able to build virtually anything you can imagine, so we won't try putting ourselves into boxes. Instead, we're offering a selection of topics we've worked on in past projects.

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web development

  • Creative UI / UX Design
  • Headless CMS / Decoupled Frontend
  • Enterprise Content Management System
  • Single Page Application
  • Static Site Generator
  • Interactive 2D and 3D content
  • Microservices / Web-APIs
  • Modern Tech-Stack
  • Full-Stack Development

mobile development

  • Custom UI / UX Design
  • Interactive content
  • API- and data-driven Apps
  • Native Cross Platform Applications

cloud technology

  • Scalable Infrastructure
  • Serverless Architecture
  • Robust Releases
  • Continuous Delivery


Crafting your product.

We think, software development only delivers lasting and outstanding results, if all parts and steps are approached in an holsitic and creative way. Inspiring concepts, solid planning, thoughtful implementation, support, maintenance and continuous development all from a single source, result in improved, long term quality and customer satisfaction.


Planning is the foundation of the development process.

Evaluating the client's vision, breaking down ideas and requirements into smaller bits, identifying tasks, resolving questions and making technology decisions. Usually, design prototypes or concepts are created in this process, to visualize and demonstrate aspects of the final product.


Agile development and frequent releases get your dream done

Sprints, short bi-weekly cycles, allow us to quickly and iteratively implement features. At any point, you can provide feedback or make changes and adjustments. Fully automated release processes, allow for production-like previews and test scenarios all through the development process until production.


We support our clients far beyond product launch.

Developing applications usually is an ongoing process. New features are requested, requirements change, regular maintenance needs to be carried out. We support our clients throughout the whole lifecycle of their products and ensure their applications stay up to date and aligned to their needs.

core technology

Tools and technologies we love and use

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